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— Oscar Wilde.

My intent to create this blog is to share my thoughts, ideas, feelings and life experiences on each and every topic, about which i have some experience, knowledge or interest.

My topics may cover, life, living, fiction, nature, social issues, current affairs, hobbies, and so on and so forth. You may say my “Lifewithj” blog a cocktail of thoughts about life around.



Encroachments have different shapes and forms. They can be tangible, they can be intangible. They can be physical, they can be mental. They can be visible, they can be unseen. They can be in the shape of biases, they can be in the shape of egos. In all of its forms and shapes, encroachments not only create hurdles in our lives but also are the worst enemy of a civic living. Encroachments are not built in our life-styles in days or months; it take longer periods to become a part and parcel of our personalities.

The question arises what factors are responsible for creation of such mind sets. To me it is due to our own insecurities, our bringing-ups, unethical values that we have inherited from our society and elders; lack of proper education and fault of syllabus set for our youths and the most of it is due to lack of disciple shown by the governments and concerned authorities. Various other factors such as finding shortcuts to economic gains by avoiding due amount of labor are also responsible.

In the third World countries like us i.e. Pakistan, Institutional encroachments of some Institutions upon the other Institution’s domains is too much common. For example democratically elected governments are not allowed to work with independence according to the mandates allowed to them by the general public. Military and Judicial interventions are so common that it always keep the democratic process at bay. The precedent set by the top institutions to the general public and governmental officials on individual basis. According to their powers and positions they start encroaching upon the powers beyond their actual mandates.

Ordinary as well as influential individuals take some courage and start encroaching upon the land attached to their houses and shops. People take it as a privilege to annex the green belts in front of their properties that otherwise are part of paths and roads. They not only remained under the illusion of their actual ownership but also built/ try to built all type of hurdles in the shape of fences made from rocks, bricks, cement, iron, plants or pots. All such excesses over and above the actual measurements of the owned/ purchased property can easily be termed as encroachments.

We in Pakistan have developed a habit of encroaching upon properties which are otherwise meant for public consumption. Pursuing our such lusts we make the things ugly. When we try to built a full lawn with boundaries and markings on the green belts we made the roads and streets narrow not only for our-selves but for the community, as well. Broad streets and roads not only ensure our smooth mobility but gave a beautiful look to the locality.

Another misconception that people pursue and for which they remained all the time so keen is their desire to keep the level of green-belts well above the road heights. Now this thinking is totally absurd; as by keeping the height of green belt above the road level is the foundation of destroying of the road in front of our own properties. Through rain and daily watering of grass and plants out side of our houses the water start accumulating on the carpeted road and as a consequence the road starts wearing and tearing out. Had we kept our green belts below the road/ street levels the water will automatically go into the green belt area and the green belt’s grass/ plants will stand watered sufficiently and the rest of the water will went down in to the earth bed instead of staying of the road and damaging it.

Another major and most worrisome type of encroachment which is effecting the civilized look of Pakistan and its major cities is the quite un-checked practice of doing business anywhere on the roads and streets instead of its actual place i.e. markets& shops. Lahore alone is a city with more than 10 (M) population. Due to lack of vision of the people who have remained at the helm of affairs of the country where no concrete town planning has been done; the city of Lahore which is a Provincial Capital of Punjab is full of such business oriented encroachments which have engulfed the entire foot paths and have reached till the middle of the roads. The Roads which are meant for commuting and transportation have been turned into markets with scores of fruit and other commodity selling vendors.

The present government at the beginning of their term showed some interest to clear the encroachments but now have totally forgotten that once they were doing something. Only the cantonments and some renowned housing societies such as DHA and Bahria Town are free from such nuisance all other even renowned and big housing societies such as Joher Town and Wapda Town are full of encroachments every where. The main boulevard of WAPDA Town which was residential as per approved plan have been declared commercial with the malicious connivance of some greedy land owners and LDA (Lahore Development Authority). Due to this unethical act the living has become difficult for people who have made their houses for a peaceful living.

The previous government has played a vital role in making plenty of wide roads and bridges but the present government is even unable to save these roads from the encroachments. The city administration is in deep slumber courtesy incompetent rulers which have been imposed on Pakistan due to wrong promises of a cricket player turned politician i.e. Imran Khan with the backing of mighty military establishment.

In nutshell there is a great need of the hour that we the citizens start realizing our civic responsibilities and start this war against the encroachments from our own homes. We should keep our green belts wide as well as below the road levels. We should not grow anything but grass on the soil so that the extra water may be saved from undue wastage. We should plant trees and plants closer to the outer boundary wall so that sufficient space may be saved for pedestrians.

Stop buying fruits& vegetables from the dirty carts which have encroached upon the roads and streets unethically and illegally instead buy it from the shops which sell from within their legal premises. Most of such cart owners are runaway from the agricultural towns in order to avoid hard work in the agri. fields. So they needs to go back into their actual villages and towns and work in the fields, instead. This way they may have a better contribution for the growth of agricultural development which in still the back-bone of our economy.

So live civilized; learn to buy in civilized ways; start to construct in civilized manners.

The Government too should awake from its deep slumber.


Use of Race& Religion in Politics

While looking at others one forget to look at his own home. Now a days, we in Pakistan are facing quite a dumb man (Imran Khan) placed at the driving seat of the country.  While in politics for the last 22 years he exploited the previously ruling governments by shouting at them of massive corruption, inefficiency and inflation. He showed the nation sweet dreams and utopia of a country which will be corruption free and things will be done on Merit. He promised the countrymen; of millions of houses and job opportunities and the like facilities if he will come to power.

Now he is at the helm of affairs of the country for the last 22 months. Inflation, unemployment is touching it’s heights. GDP of the country has gone into negative for the first time in the history of the ciuntry. He is totally clue less to run the affairs of the country. There is a long list of vision less and immature ministers in his cabinet. 

By perceiving the inability of their installed puppet the mighty establishment has alread grabbed most of the power chuk in his own hands.

Now a days in order to hide his shame he has started a new debate that Usama Bin Laden was a “Shaheed” i.e. martyred. And this statement came during the budget session of the National Assembly. Bringing a dead terrorist in to such a session is totally uncalled for and makes no sense. But at the same time it make sense for him as he too now has came open and clear to gather the sympathies of the vastly illiterate population of the country which is mostly trained by the hardliner religious scholers of innumerable sects on pet agendas.

Our Nation has witnessed thousands of lives gone due to terrorism of Usama bin Laden and the likes. There were bomb blasts in every big city of the country during the times of Usama bin Laden. Whoever was behind him; was an enemy of our home land. The very foundations of our country has been shaken by entry of such terrorists. If he was such a hero why he didn’t fight this war from his own country of origin or, inside America. Who allowed him to use our lands for this job.

He clearly knows that he has completely failed to perform as PM of the country; now instead of admitting his failure and resigning from the post he has chosen to use religion and fanatic mindset to exploit the people and forces who once supported& voted him to this position.

The crux of the matter which I want to share is, that I was under the perception that only Donald Trump and Narendra moody were the ones who used race and religion to gain the power. But now how can I blame Trump and Modi? We have found our own Modi in our on home. This a time to learn not only for the Pakistanis but Indians and Americans to think twice before voting next time so that no one can rise to power on the basis of hate speech, racism, religion card and with a fanatic mindset, as well.


Going Organic

The inspiration for this lucrative hobby was like a dream hidden deep in the hearts and minds of the couple. Now it was high time for them to turn their dream in reality. They have most recently been shifted to their newly constructed home. They were an enthusiast couple 👫 to do all the beautiful things in the world 🌍.

Presently there were two ✌️ main challenges for the Qs to meet with; first to design the lawn 🌿in the most beautiful manner by installing the most luxurious grass and rare specie plants in it. Mr Q was more vocal by nature and used to take the advice of everyone he met at the road or in his Public Utility Office. Resultantly, the lawn was erected in a way that at least 3 plants were installed in the space of one. Their overenthusiasm turned the look of their lawn near a jungle.

Anyway, our today’s topic is about their second passion i.e. going organic with the 🥚 🐣eggs and poultry meat production at their own new sweet 🏡 home. They were confident about raising hens at home that will meet not only their poultry needs, but fun for their kids, as well.
To start with the hobby Mr Q one day brought a few chicks from the local market. There was no cage at home. The chicks started roaming in the new house with full liberty throughing their little shit all around. Kids were so delighted and every day after returning from the school and before leaving for the school took the chicks into their laps and played. With the passage of time some of them were eaten by 🐈 cats, others were grabbed by lanky stray 🐕 dogs who can intrude into the house through the gap between the gate pillars and the gate itself. One of them any way succeeded in turning into a good looking hen, though I never heard about laying an🥚 egg by that hen, ever.

This early loss didn’t demolarise the couple. These chicks were just for kids enjoyment and the real plan has yet to be successfully accomplished. Half a dozen of the hens had already been promised to be gifted by Mr Q’s mama.

In order to host the gifted hens, a great need arose for arranging a cage for the income guests. So the couple decided to get a brand new cage manufactured from the best carpenter of the town. Now the question arose about the size and measurements for width length and high of the cage. So they decided to visit Mrs Q’s sister’s house whom chicks had already been transpired into full-grown hens and were laying sufficient eggs for their kitchen needs and this success story was again a challenge for the Qs. A valid question had already arisen for Qs; that why they were left behind in organic 🥚 eggs production despite a level playing field.

Without mentioning their intentions for hen raising project they entered the house pretending it as a routine visit. Mr Q, “wowed, eating a lot of organic eggs, alone”! ” Come on let’s have breakfast 🍞 with us. I’m going to Fri eggs as well.” Said Sister. During breakfast, the necessary information was passed along with the pros and cons of hen raising. As the spirits of the Qs were sky-high they listened to all the pros with interest but omitted the cons part.

Within a few days, an elegant double story cage was right in the house garage. In honour of the hen’s house, one of the Qs cars was moved out of the garage. The cage cost them $200 only. One chipboard cage has already been purchased for the earlier survived solitary hen. That cage along with chicks had cost them around $100 excluding feed.

Now the stage was all set for bringing hens from Mama’s countryside house. The entire family 👪 was quite eager to visit grandma’s house. Car was sent to the workshop for necessary maintenance and tuning. Some gifts we’re also arranged for the countryside family members. An aggregate amount of $ 200 was spent on this expedition including fuel cost.

The day arrived and the family Started their dream journey. ” You will see! Next month there will be as many organic eggs in the home as or our kitchen needs; even they may exceed our needs and we will be in a position to gift to our family and friends.” ” Why gift? sweetheart! don’t you think we are spending a lot of money on this endeavour? We will sell them in the market, dear.” Said Mrs Q. “Okay” 😔 Mr Q doesn’t want to argue prematurely.
The car now has started moving at a rapid pace. Mrs Q now feeling a little tired 😩 ; within few moments went into deep siesta and start dreaming. What he saw in her dream was plenty of colourful hens posting noises such as 🔊 — kuk, kuk, kuak, Kuk, kuk, kuk, kuak; like they were announcing that they have laid eggs. She saw that as soon as she reached in her mother-in-law’s house many hens came and sat into her lap. Her mother in law said to her that as many hens will sit in her lap those all will be gifted to them.

In short, they returned home 🏡with 6 hens and two ✌️roosters. The tally wasn’t bad at all. One was already back at home. As per careful calculations the net worth the gifted hens was around $100. When they opened the car Diggy all the hens had got freedom from the roops entangles against their eggs. Some were sitting on suitcase and bags. One was sitting on the pickle jar that was also gifted to them. Poultry shit was all around on the whole luggage. When they tried to shift them one hen flew directly to the face of Mr Q the other scratched the shoulder of Mrs Q. There was all the mess of flights and screams of hens all around the neighbourhood. It took a lot of effort to manage their placement into the double story cage. Two pots containing food and water were placed on each floor of the cage.

Tired 😩 of travelling the family soon went to sleep. During sleep, the entire family had their own dreams about the hens. Mrs Q was happy to see eggs and hens all around the house. All the fridge shelves were full. Finding no space hundreds were lying on the sofa which was broken when Mr Q sat on them mistakenly. A lot of young hens were running and flying through their home windows. Few took their flight towards the sky 🌈 and in few moments disappeared in the sky. Mr Q in his dream saw that each of their hens was laying two eggs per day; in twelve hourly intervals.

The however awake early morning and came back to reality from their overnight fancies. Anyhow, they were expecting some eggs though not as many as was dreamt by Mrs Q.What they saw was all the feeding pots were upside down and water had flown in the garage all around. To there surprise there was not a single 🥚 in any floor of the cage. “I think the hens were tired”, said Mr Q. ” This may be due to change of place honey! You know even we humans could not sleep well if not at home. Once they will settle they surely will start laying eggs.” Mrs Q opined.

A week went by without an egg. Mr Q was a little worried about the performance of the hens. He took some outside advice and someone advised him to add millet to the existing food; that was mere whole wheat. They also instructed the maid to took all care about feed and water needs of the hens while they were out of the house for work.
A solitary egg was laid by the whole flock in the next week. The family are it in breakfast and lunch by adding a lot of onions and potatoes in it. During the next three-four days, Qs kept noting the health benefits, if any on their bodies. They felt nothing special, except very little improvement in the waspish and spunk behaviour of their youngest daughter. It was not clear that this improvement was due to that egg or the hens itself as she was now spending quite some time playing with the hens.
On the contrary at sister’s house; their hens were laying four to five eggs per day, as per their intelligence reports of the Qs. Their spy was, in fact, sister’s maid who always opened the door for them. They also peep into the hen feed bucket so that they can learn the secret of good egg yield. They, however, not bothered to ask about the feeding technics from them.

Another two-three months were elapsed and the hen’s egg yield not improved from two to three eggs per week. It hardly happened once or twice that the hens laid two eggs in a single day. They boasted this achievement at sister,s house by adding some imaginary numbers.

Throughout the winter months, the hens remained in their cage without a warm cover. They kept feeding them and caring about their cage cleanliness. They also some time opened the cage and their lawn was now a mess of dirt and hen shit. Their hopes in hens now had been started to fade away. Qs were now exhausted. The feed bill alone had exceeded $ 100.
They now have seriously realized that expert advice is necessary or they should forgo this business.

Ultimately, they came to the sister’s house. They were told to use proper hen feed that is available at the market and keep the cage covered with some warm cloth.They were amazed to listen about the market existence of any such feed. They purchased on the advice and after use of a few days, some improvement in egg yield has been witnessed.

It was almost the end of winter. To their dismay, a common viral hen disease spread and their hens started dying one after another. They got out of breath and decided to abandon the pursuit, at once.

Mr Q visited a well-known friend who was also maintaining a good flock of hens at his house and imposed the remaining hens on his head at a discounted price. The friend was left with no option than to accept the hens. With these infected hens addition his own flock got infected, and in a few days, his cage was empty of even a chick. When Mr Q visited for receiving some payment his friend told him the entire tale and showed his empty cage. Mr Q thereafter never dared remind about the hen’s sale proceeds.

One fine afternoon Mr& Mrs Q sat to calculate the profit& loss of their hen venture. They estimated an aggregate amount of $700 as the total cost of their hen raising passion. Total egg yield during the 6 months was estimated around four dozens. As per their market price they were worth $5. It was a net huge loss of $695.
Their first damage control attempt wasn’t worked at all. Now there left nothing except the hen’s memories and a cage. They were sceptical about the cage. They feared that sister may pic it from their home without paying a penny by forwarding the reason that the cage is of no use to them, anymore. In fact, the cage was the last thing that they can minimize their loss but they were troubled that how to dispose of it as no serious buyer was there who can purchase it. For the time being from saving it from sister, they proclaimed that instead of hens now they have decided to raise partridges.

I floated the idea of using the cage as a shoe rack but the Qs took this sincere advice as a joke. Mrs Q didn’t rest his mind and kept speculating about different disposal options.

One find day a wonderful idea struck her mind and she during the meeting with her Area Schools Head wafted the idea of keeping the love birds at her school premises to attract new admissions in nursary and playgroup classes. The Area Head first has a weird look at her then suddenly agreed with the proposal. ” Madam we have to purchase a cage for this purpose.” Said Mrs Q. ” Okay you can buy one within the budget of $100″ ‘replied Area Schools Head.
Next weekend Mrs&Mr Q painted the cage yellow and red. The cage was shifted to school even before it got dried.

Now they were at a net loss of $595.


Chickka Boom

Little Chickka Boom,
now dreaming under the wings of his mom,
will rise early and run after the worm. 



Open, semi-open and closed doors;

Black, brown, white and many more,

We saw all and came home.


Town Planning and Employment policies in Pakistan

We grew while continuously listening and reading that Pakistan is a country whom 70% population is living in rural areas and their source of income depends directly or indirectly of agriculture. There was a natural ecosystem where landlords, farmers, field laborers and all sought of conventional professionals such as hairdressers, shoe makers, confectioners, blacksmiths, carpenters, fruits& vegetable vendors and the likes used to live and earn their livelihood from the local economy mainly based on the agriculture and animal husbandry.

In early years after separation from India this rural ecosystem kept going for quite some time but due to inefficient and morally corrupt successive governments who failed to introduce any town planning and employment policies with special focus towards our agriculture based economy; outflow of the working class started from the rural areas towards cities, even small and medium cities were ignored from the provision of basic infrastructure so that massive influx of migration may be stopped.

By ignoring agriculture that was the backbone of our economy, a wishful focus was made towards industrialization without any brainstorming. As a result, the labor class started its migration towards cities. There was no proper town planning provision in cities to cater to such influx. As a result, numerous unplanned dwellings started growing like mushrooms. There were hardly any health, sanitation or educational facilities available for people. They though started some new trades or industrial labor but standard of their living deteriorated as compared to rural life style where they have comparatively better and spacious homes; though simple. They have access to pure food and dairy products. They have reasonable working hours and were more close to nature than city life.

Due to their outflow from villages, the entire ecosystem was greatly affected. The agricultural was effected due to shortage of labor class. The city’s infrastructure for health, education, transportation and town planning was greatly burdened on the other hand. People used to collect grains for the whole year by merely working for few days in the rice and wheat harvest seasons. Their lives were more relaxed in village life styles. In big cities like Lahore and Karachi majority of the population has not access to clean drinking water.

I’ve failed to comprehend the fruits of progress, to me it is in fact a reverse progression. This Corona Virus pandemic has provided an opportunity to all of us to balance the wrong doings. In cities most of the working and labor class has not usually more than a few days food deposit in their homes. In periods like the one we are facing there is nothing more important than food. Government should encourage all such migratory birds to fly back towards their roots. This is in the best interest of all of us.



Another day has passed;
with my fingers crossed;
I did nothing else;
Except for remembering herself.

Oh! sweet cool breeze,
If you pass from her street;
remind her about her, this Romeo;
Whom she never remembered even by mistake,
Ask her that he is still happy with her;
May God soften her steel-heart.

Border Area Laws in Pakistan

Since the creation of this country, no concrete policies were introduced by its successive governments. It was our bad luck that power was grabbed by the ones who were not trained for the job. As a result, no effective long-lasting policies could be introduced for health, education, agriculture, town planning, labour management and so on and so forth.

Due to irrigation through the canal water crop yields were in abundance. Lots of sugar cane and paddy used to grow in our lands. Eventually, the water was stopped especially after the 1965 War as hate increased both sides of the border. 

Wheat Fields

The irony is that the people at the helm of affairs of the country whether they are from the executive, judiciary or media have played havoc with the foundations of this country, with few exceptions. 

I myself am witness to such destructions. I’m from an agricultural background where I have seen my Agricultural lands going into ruins due to the Indus Water Treaty that was signed by a dictator in 1960 and surrendered waters of three rivers to India. Our lands, however, kept receiving water from India till1966 just as a matter of luck.

I couldn’t understand the myth behind this signing this agreement, with deprived half of Punjab from river waters.

Another brutality that hit the border areas hard is the misuse of border area laws by the security officials to suppress the natives through undermining their self-respect through imposing restrictions on their every step to seek permissions for petty chores; such as the construction of animal barns, cutting the trees for their domestic needs etc. Due to these undue restrictions, farmers have stopped growing new trees. The lands once full of huge trees with great woods and shades have all been disappeared and no ruler could realize this factor.

Countryside view

The trees once I played with by climbing on them and resting under their shades have all vanished due to undue interferences and laws introduced without taking feedbacks from the stakeholders of the border areas of Pakistan. Consequently, with the passage of time, all the trees were either cut by the residents secretly or traded through the convenience of tree merchants and security officials of the area.

There is a great need for revisiting all such discriminatory laws so that residents of border areas may live with a sense of ownership and security and may cultivate their lands without any undue restrictions. 

It’s food for thought of our present PM as he is a great advocate for tree plantation for a greener and cleaner Pakistan.


How Amazing

I loved your name even before knowing you,In my imagination, I draw a beautiful portrait of your make.

Your hair were curly and your breasts straight. Your eyes were as deep as a crystal clear lake, your skin was goldon and your smile wasn’t fake;

I listened your voice even before meeting you, it was as soothing as ringing bells of some far temple; without any scream or mid-break,

When I saw you I liked your beautiful hair flowing, with a gentle head shake; and sweetheart there was a perfect balance in every step you take.

The truth is that you can’t have everything you longed for in your life; as life is not like a sweet& spongy cake. It is the right moment that makes or break.


Life in Lock-down

Life in lock-down times has drastically changed; though may be for the time being. People have been left with no other option than to confine them-selves to their homes. Most of the businesses are closed. Working class, entrepreneurs, laborers, students, teachers etc. are on a break. This is not an ordinary break-DOWN, this is not a Regional break-down, this is not a single Continent’s break-down; this is in fact a phenomenal; this is World over this is unprecedented. The world in fact may never have experienced such break-down since the time of its origin. How it happened? What is the true reason of its outbreak? Is it natural or man made? Is the virus exists or just myth? To be honest; every sensible person is still susceptible about its genuineness and watching the whole episode with suspicion

Paradigms of politics, economics, culture, and thinking have taken a unique new turn. Global hot issues have been dumped somewhere down the ground. Enmities of yesterday have been put on the back burner; there now seems only one enemy; the common one, and his name is CORONA; real or imaginary, nobody knows.

Lot of conspiracy have surfaced till date; such as that this virus is made by USA for its use against arch rivals; China and Iran; that it is mistakenly spread from some Chinese laboratory; that Bill Gate is behind it so that he can sale new vaccination to earn extra dollars. People buy such theories hand to hand and sell through social media platforms, hand to hand, as well. Nobody bother to think even a little before buying such theories. If USA was against its spread then why she her-self is the worst victim of this virus. They never try to study about the conduct of person like Bill Gates; one of the most richest men on earth; that how he earned his wealth and what are his contributions towards the humanity. They believe! just believe! they never try to know about the conduct of the person behind such conspiracy theories.

To be honest I’m not sought of a person who believe every thing being uttered in Social Media with closed eyes. Instead of jumping and indulging in the business of buying and selling such absurd theories, I find this time as a unique opportunity to spend on the activities and hobbies that amuse me the most; such as reading, writing, gardening, sleeping, exercising, walking and many more; like watching movies etc.. And ahead of all I never like to program them in a strict schedule; rather i love to pic the one that suites my mode at that particular moment.

Amid all of the activities; I have done an altogether unique activity, as well, and that particular activity kept me on a scheduled routine, at least. I decided to put a broody hen on eggs for the first time in my life. One of my friends gifted me a broody hen I put some eggs under the hen and yesterday when I was on my usual routine came to feed the hen; I saw life! a new life! a little chick was sitting right below the hen’s breast peeping through amazingly. Here is the pic.

In the times where CORONA is taking away lives, I just managed to add life and hope in such difficult times. Today she has hatched the rest of the eggs and have completed her flock. My kids enjoyed the beautiful movements of the little chicks a lot. Here is another pic.

My message and purpose of sharing this article is that instead of spoiling time running after the conspiracy theories one should run after some healthy activity, instead. Read some book, grow some veggies, write some thing new, watch some classic movie and have some exercise daily as the nature has provided us with a unique opportunity to do this all; as at the end we all have to go back to our set routines.